Top 11 Tips For Traffic & Sales Without Backlinking

Get Free Traffic & Sales Without Backlinking With These Top 11 Tips…


Have you ever gotten sick of creating content because of all the complex nonsense you think  has to go into getting big traffic?

I know I have.

In fact, for a HUGE chunk of last year, I totally stopped writing on my blog & creating YouTube videos because,

…I thought I had to be an SEO, back linking BEAST in order to get results.

The refreshing truth is, none of that matters.

Yesterday, I heard some strange and encouraging stuff from Neil Patel.

(a guy who gets 700,000 visitors per month to one blog and 800,000 visitors per month to another)

According to Neil – 90% of his traffic comes from long tail keywords.

Neil doesn’t even do keyword research nor does he employ any crazy software powered, mind-numbing back linking ridiculousness.  🙂

If you really wanna know how to get lots of traffic, leads & sales without all the headache of feeling like you’re running a danged SEO company…

This report  just might be for you.  🙂

Tip 1 – Weave Related Searches Into Your Post

When you’re blogging daily, you’ll begin to rank for keywords that you never would have guessed. What you wanna do is, log into your Google Analytics account and see which posts your getting traffic from.

Your analytics will tell you which keywords people are using to find that post. Next, grab the keyword & go type it into Google.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and take a look at the “Related Search Terms”. Grab the ones that are related to the post you wrote, go back to your blog & and weave those words inside your post.

According to Neil, your post will begin to rank for those other words too, thus getting you more traffic.

Pretty cool right?


Tip 2 – Forget Keyword Research!

Am I the only one who hates the process of trying to find keywords that get traffic.

Only to then have to come up with content that I don’t really wanna write about, just to stuff some keywords & land some traffic?

Of course I’m not. You’re just like me aren’t you?

The reason I know this is because at an event I attended, about 95% of the hands went up when the speaker asked…

“Who else hates keyword research?”

‘Good news, he said.

Screw it.  Don’t do it!’

Can I get a what, what!?

ha ha.

He went onto explain that if you’re writing good content, that’s 2,000 words or more, your keywords are automatically gonna be included.

Not to mention tons of other random long tails that will be mixed in automatically through the writing process.

Isn’t that cool ?

Just in case you don’t believe me…

(I didn’t believe Neil either)

Check out this shocking statistic.

A full 90% of the traffic on Neil’s blogs….

(That’s like over 1.5 million hits per month) comes from random long tail key phrases that people type in on Google.

This means, as long as you’re consistently blogging – People WILL find your content without doing any keyword research.

I know there’s someone reading this post right now saying…

“Paul, I wanna kiss you.”

I know, and I feel the love.  (but I’m married)


I digress.

Tip 3 – Have Your YouTube Video Transcribed For Your Blog

Are you making Youtube videos?

Have that bad boy transcribed and put in a post on your blog.

You can use a service like & for a $1 a minute, you can have your video turned into a blog post.

5 minute video – five bucks.

Think about all those videos you’ve already made that could be generating blog traffic for you.

Good tip eh?

Hey, we haven’t even gotten started yet.

Tip 4 – Use In Content Links To Promote Your Other Posts

Have ever heard of the company that developed those heat map thingies that showed where all your visitors were clicking?

That was Neil Patel’s company.

He says, that although banner ads on the side & bottom of your blog are cool, NOTHING will convert your visitors into leads & sales like in content links.

Something like this.

Good to know right?

Tip 5 – Use Data & Statistics To Support Your Content

Have you ever heard someone say, “Facts Tell & Stories Sell?”

Yeah, me too.

And for that reason – I’ve foolishly stayed away from using statistics in my writing.

Big mistake.

Your readers wanna know your advice is legitimate.

Statisticis, especially from authoritative sources can be powerful in helping you to gain credibility so your readers will trust you.

(Ultimately, this should lead to more sales)

The other thing about statistics is that, the right one’s can be another powerful form of social proof, In fact, According to consumer research around American consumers, over 70% of Americans say they look at product reviews before making a purchase.

Not only that, nearly 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.

So remember, 95% of people who read this special report decide to get started with me in business because they know I can help them be free.

ha ha.. Just kidding –

you know what I’m saying though right?

Tip 6 – Cross Link, Out-link & Notify

Do you link to other posts on your site?

Do you link to other websites?

Do you let other website owners know when you’ve mentioned them or linked to them in your post?

According to Neil Patel, these are all very simple ways to increase your traffic. When you write a post, make sure you like it to another post on your site.

Think about it, when people are reading your blog & you give them a link to another page on your site that’s relevant & helpful – they’ll stay on your site longer.

This should decrease your bounce rate (the length of time visitors remain on your site before they bounce (leave) ). Google’s ultimate goal is to create a great user experience so if people are staying on your site longer, it’s like a big flag to Google that your content is pleasing the people.

Can you say “Brownie point”?

Linking out to other pages can show that you are going above and beyond to be helpful to your readers. No one, knows everything but isn’t that kind of what you’re saying when you never link to anyone?

Neil says you should have an outbound link for every 300 to 400 words. He also says that it’s wise to let the site owners know you linked to their page.

Why you ask?

Because people love being talked about and there’s a good chance they’ll share your content inside their social networks.


(that’s what you say when you get more free traffic)  😉

Tip 7 – Use The HECK Out Of The Right Social Media Outlets.

Have you ever wondered where to share your posts to get the most BANG for your time?

Here’s your answer.

Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.

Facebook’s easy…

(well sort of)…

Here’s a quick tip for sharing your content on Facebook.

I’ve noticed that when I share a naked link (no text or pics)  –

I never get much engagement. That’s because Facebook doesn’t seem to show your naked links to many people.

I guess they want you to put some clothes on that link before you send it out into public. .

Try uploading a nice attractive pic with a few lines of curiosity piquing text with your link at the bottom.

Another tip is to put the link to your post as one of the comments of your post.

That way Facebook doesn’t even see a link in the post.

Tip 8 – Guest Blog

Almost every site on the internet allows guest posting.


More content = More Traffic = More sales.

Doesn’t it make sense to use this to your advantage?

Reach out & offer to guest post.

This will put your name and website in front of another pre-built audience,


Give you a high quality backlink back to your site.

Tip 9 – Create A Top 100 List Of Supastahs In Your Niche

Neil says this is often the first thing he’ll do to get some traffic to a new blog.

The strategy is as follows.

Create a top 100 list of top sites in your Niche. Randomize it so no one gets offended & make sure you tell them it’s randomized.

Go to fiverr & have a nice little Top 100 badge created with your website link in it. Create your post, then notify your super stars that they “Made The List”.

Let them know how amazing their site is & be sure to ‘PS’ them that they’re welcome to put the badge on their site so their readers know how awesome they are.

You know, the badge that has your website domain in it.

Clever, clever, clever.

No wonder these entrepreneurs make so much money. 😉

Tip 10 – Expert Roundup

Have you ever thought about meeting the most successful people in your niche, getting their best tips and getting them to promote you to their audience at the same time?

That’s what the expert round up is all about.

You can ask cool people for interviews and when you do it right,

… You’ll get all their best secrets AND they’ll promote you to their communities.

Cool eh?

Tip 11 – Stay Inside 1 – 3 niche topics on your blog

Have you ever wondered about what types of content to put on your blog?

I know I have.

Is it OK to blog about my family, internet marketing, playing the guitar and  (You fill in the blank)?

According to Neil, you wanna keep your blog focused to 1 to 3 niches. This gives Google a better idea of what your website is about and can help your traffic.

Neil says, if you wanna blog about other stuff too, just start a new blog.

Bonus Tip 12 – lowercase email headlines…

Capitalizing your email headlines make them look more formal.

Lower case emails look more friendly.

Yes, it’s been tested, lowercase headlines get more opens and thus, can help you get more traffic back to your blog from your email list.

Ain’t this list awesome?

Well shoot.  I hope so.

You know I’m trying hard for ya! Just like you should be for your subscribers. Pick a few of these tips & implement.

I bet you’ll see some great results.

Again, here are the top 11 tips for getting big traffic without the headache of backlinking

Tip 1 – Weave Related Searches Into Your Post

Tip 2 – Forget Keyword Research!

Tip 3 – Have Your YouTube Video Transcribed For Your Blog

Tip 4 – Use In Content Links To Promote Your Other Posts

Tip 5 – Use Data & Statistics To Support Your Content

Tip 6 – Cross Link, Out-link & Notify

Tip 7 – Use The HECK Out Of The Right Social Media Outlets.

Tip 8 – Guest Blog

Tip 9 – Create A Top 100 List Of Supastahs In Your Niche

Tip 10 – Expert Roundup

Tip 11 – Stay Inside 1 – 3 niche topics on your blog

Bonus Tip 12 – lower case email headlines…

If you’re looking for detailed, step by step training on this process inside of our private members area and if you have some interest in learning more, just Click Here to find out more..

To your massive online success!

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