The Recruiting Breakthrough

3 Big Ideas That Took This Stay At Home Dad From Sponsoring 2 – 6 Per Month To As Many As 2 – 6 In A Day…

recruiting-breakthrough-earningsIf you’re serious about making a real income from home, this could be the most important document you’ll ever read because it contains,

three of the BIGGEST breakthrough ideas that took me from sponsoring 1 person a month to sponsoring as many as 2 to 6 people in a single day.

Before I found these 3 ideas, I was a hopeless failure in network marketing.

I joined my first network marketing company back in 2005.

I went my first YEAR without making any money.

I made lists of friends and family and called all of them.

I even had them make lists and I called those people too.

I drove to countless meetings.

I passed out flyers in parking lots.

In fact, I remember getting booted out of a Wal-mart parking lot one time.

(… one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life)

At the end of my first 12 months, the company was shut down by the Utah state government and one of the owners went to jail.

The next few years were a series of hopping around from company to company.

14 to be exact.

So there I was, back in 2009, after 4 years of struggling in network marketing…

…jobless & living in a single-wide trailer,

…a few hundred bucks per month coming in


with a wife and family to support.

I remember feeling so broken, frustrated and hopeless.

I wondered, “Were things EVER gonna work out for me in network marketing?”

Then, one night, I had a breakthrough.

I had just finished tucking my 2 boys, Kayden and Camden in bed after reading their bedtime story.

I was feeling frustrated and defeated.

I looked down and a picture like this…

Mom With Kids

I just started to cry.

In a moment of complete humility, I knelt down and prayed to God for help.

Almost miraculously, some very specific ideas came to me.

Before you get to the end of this document, you’ll have 3 of them.

I took action on these ideas and within a very short amount of time, EVERYTHING changed.

People were calling me on the phone asking me to sign them up in my business.

I literally couldn’t believe what was happening.

Let me ask you a question.

Which would you prefer.. .

Scenario 1

It’s late in the evening, I’m away from my family again, because I’m out ‘showing the plan’.

There I sit in my Uncle’s real estate office pouring my heart & soul out to 2 of his prospects.

After a full hour of the most passionate, ‘we’re gonna get rich in network marketing’ – soul stirring speech I could give…

… It’s time for the close.

I’m ready because my upline had taught me the magical words.

I lean in over my chair and look at the guy on my left.

I gaze straight into his eyes and say…

“On a scale of 1 to 10 —> 10 being ‘sign me up’ and 1 being ‘no interest at all’, where would you say you’re at.

He looks back at me and says…

“Bout a 1.”

Dang it!, I say under my breath”

Still hopeful, I look to the guy on my right.

“And you sir?”

“uhhhh, about a zero.”


What the heck!?

Scenario 2

One day, I log into my Google voice account and I see this from someone I’ve never spoken to or heard of before in my entire life.

recruiting-breakthrough-earningsIt basically said… “Hi Paul, my name is Lynn.  I found you on the internet and I’m ready to join. I just need your distributor ID number.”

Oh BOY!  Are you KIDDING ME!?  

I mean seriously… Everything was about to change.

I knew I was onto something and shortly thereafter, I began to see proof in my bank account.


*Not a guarantee of income.  Results will vary. See average earnings with whatever company you choose to work with.

One of my favorite things about this check is that I earned it while living in this house below,

Marketing Strategy

Business strategy, marketing, ideas

…and while working from the teeny tiny, crowded little office in the far right window above.

This is where I earned my first six figure income in network marketing.

Pretty cool right?  Truly, it doesn’t matter where you start.  When you know and apply the right information, you can build success.

The checks have gotten much bigger now, as I’ve continued to apply the ideas I’m going to be sharing with you in this report.

Marketing Planning

*Not a guarantee of income.  Results will vary. See average earnings with whatever company you choose to work with.

The bottom line is, this stuff works and my life will never be the same as a result of having learned it.

I’ve used it in about 5 different companies and it’s worked like gangbusters in every single one.

As you pay attention, stay coachable and take massive action on the ideas I’m about to share, I believe they can work for you to.

The 3 Big Ideas

Big Idea #1- Marketing / ‘Tapping into Natural Demand’ – > Selling the things that people really want, to the people who really want them.

One of the major problems I had in the first few years of my business, is trying to convince people who had no interest in network marketing or residual income to be interested in what i was trying to sell.

You’ve heard the old adage…

“A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still”

It’s true.  

I discovered that there’s already a  huge stream of people waking up in the morning every day, with a burning desire to join and buy whatever it is that you’re selling.

All I had to do is learn to position my products and services in front of them, at the right time and BAM…

Almost effortless sales & recruiting.

Here’s an example of what i’m talking about.

Let’s say you decide to go into the hot dog selling business.

You decide that you’re gonna offer the best.

So you buy the top dollar stuff.

High end, top dollar, hot dogs & condiments.

You set up your stand outside the exit door of your local steakhouse on a Friday night.

As people are leaving the steakhouse, droves of people are walking by your stand,

… and no one buys.

Your competitor on the other hand, has a different strategy.

She buys the cheapest hot dogs & condiments she can find.

She doesn’t even buy a stand, she just gets a little grill and sets it up in the back of her truck.

1st day of business opens and she sets outside a construction zone at lunch time.

She sells out in about 20 minutes.  This is the power of tapping into a hungry market.

This is the POWER of marketing.

Henry David Thoreau  said,

“If you can build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.”

One of my mentors told me… “That’s not necessarily true.”

She went on to say,the world will only beat a path to your door if it knows you’ve built a better mousetrap, and this is done through marketing.

The sad reality is, a lower quality product will outsell a higher quality product, if the higher quality product has better marketing.

When I discovered this, I realized I had been focusing on all the wrong things in my business.

Best product, best comp plan, best corporate team,

…..So on and so forth.  You’ve been there right?

Who cares about that stuff?


Great question..

Some do.

And when you start to put your message in front of those people…

They’ll buy and join like crazy.

Big Idea #2 – Credibility & Authority – > Your prospects must see YOU as someone who knows what you’re talking about.  They must believe that you’re someone who can help them get what they want.

I remember one day, I was getting ready to take my family camping.

I was sitting outside my house, hooking up the camp trailer to my pickup truck.

My aunt, uncle and grandpa stopped by to visit.

There we were, chatting on a nice summer day, when out of the blue, my aunt looks at me and says “I can’t believe your wife puts up with this.”

Slightly bewildered, I looked back and said “Puts up with what?”

“Puts up with you keeping your wife and 3 kids cramped up in this tiny little trailer house.”

Aside from that being a terribly rude thing to say, and aside from the fact that I learned, through this experience to not let my dreams be dictated by other people’s opinions…

There’s another great lesson in this story.

What do you think the chances would be, of me being able to convincingly show my aunt a plan on how to make money and be financially free from home?

Living in a trailer and driving old used cars left me in a somewhat awkward position when it came to presenting a plan for wealth to the people who knew me.

I had no credibility or authority when it came to making money from home, and therefore, no one who knew me…wanted to work with me on any ‘money-making project’.

The cool thing about credibility and authority is that it can be engineered.  

Let me ask you a question.

What’s the difference between a $1 & a $100 bill?


Think about that for a minute.

Can you guess the answer?

Here it is.

“The message written on the paper.”  That’s it.

A little bit of ink on a piece of paper can cause a massive shift in perceived value.

When I brought my business on the internet and set up my first website/blog with a million dollar wrapper, my prospects began to perceive me differently, instantly.

They started to judge me for what was i knew was on the inside, versus judging me by the single-wide trailer house I lived in.

And that, made all the difference in my ability to attract people into my business.

Big Idea #3 – Pipeline Prosperity – > You must have a unlimited and never ending supply of prospects coming to YOU, who are pre-sold, excited & ready to work with you.

If you’ve ever read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, you’ll remember a story told about a small village up in the mountains that runs out of fresh drinking water.

A father and son team decide to start packing buckets from a nearby lake.

It’s dirty, spirit crushing, back-breaking work, but it provides a temporary solution and a daily supply of water to the villagers.

12 months goes by and all the sudden, one of the old villagers who’d moved away, comes back into town with a team of engineers and a construction crew.

Over the next 60 days, a stainless steel pipeline is built that provides fresh, clean drinking water, 24 hours a day 7 days a week to the village.

Instantly, the bucket packers are out of business and the lifeline of village water is put on auto-pilot.

In network marketing, they teach us this story to show us the benefits of building a never ending stream of residual income versus packing buckets of income at a day job.

Sounds great.  The only challenge is, typically, after they recruit us,

…the first thing they do…

…is hand us buckets and tell us to start packing.

Make a list, call them 1 by 1 by 1.

Go meet new people at networking events… 1 by 1 by 1…

This is great for getting started, but after a while, doesn’t it make sense to learn to utilize technologies like the internet, to automate some of the work?

Just yesterday I was digging a trench in my backyard.


You know what I was thinking the whole time?

“I should have rented that trench digger and utilized technology to make this job easier.”

What if i was to tell you that, through technology, you could set up a never ending stream of prospects and leads that would come to you, day in and day out, pre-sold and in many cases, ready to buy.

In other words, you could build a pipeline of prosperity…

Leads that pour into your inbox every day.

Targeted and interested prospects who are ready, and eager to get started in your business.

That my friend, is breakthrough idea #3 and it’s put me in a position where I’ll never have to worry about where to find my next prospect.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

After being in network marketing / home business for over 9 years, and after having worked with thousands of people over the world…

I can safely say that wherever you’re at in life, wherever you’re at in business…

There’s something better waiting for you in your future.

There are new ideas you can learn that will free up your time and help you make money faster & easier.

There are better systems to utilize.

There are talented people who can teach you how to do things in your business that maybe, you didn’t even realize were possible.

Now that I know how to use Marketing, Authority and Pipeline Lead Prosperity in my recruiting… My time is freed up to do the things I really want to do.

Like camping with my family..


Or going to theme parks with my kids…

My friend, If I can do it, so can you!

Apply these 3 big ideas in your business…

…and remember, dreams do come true.

If you’re looking for detailed, step by step training on this process inside of our private members area and if you have some interest in learning more, just Click Here to find out more..

Keep smiling…

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