The Daily Action Plan That Has Produced Not 1, But 2 Six Figure Earners

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Have you ever wondered exactly what you should be doing on a daily basis to produce the results you desire?cartoon-man-scratching-his-headI know I have.

In fact, there have been various times in my business when i’d just sit in front of my computer screen, feeling lost, alone & totally confused..

Have you ever felt like that?Napoleon Hill says in Think And Grow Rich, that indecision is a form of insanity.

Well it’s time to stop the insanity. 🙂

Having a plan of action, a daily plan of action, so you know exactly what you should be doing to move your business forward, every day.. .

Is not only a way to stop the insanity – it’s also a way to make a lot more money in your business, and help a LOT more people. The plan I’m about to give you is simple.

Please don’t let the simplicity fool you into underestimating its power. Following this plan daily, and consistently over time, has empowered me to be able to…

● Personally sponsor well over 1,200 people into my business.

● Become the #1 income earner and recruiter in my nutritional network marketing business.

● Build the biggest teams in both of my last 2 network marketing companies

● Become a six figure earner in both of my last 2 network marketing companies.

● Win an all expenses paid cruise to the Bahamas for me and my wife Corene.

● Move out of the single wide trailer house and buy our dream home in the country DEBT-FREE…

● Earn over 3 quarters of a million dollars from home…

○ and most importantly – win my freedom so I can live my life on my terms.

This plan has been worth an absolute fortune to me and I’m happy to giveit to you in the hopes that it can empower you, to achieve your heartsdesires.

Here we go. 🙂

Action Item #1 – Create and/or Expose Content Daily

If you’ve ever read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, you’ll remember a storytold about a small village up in the mountains that runs out of fresh drinking water.

A father and son team decide to start packing buckets from a nearby lake.It’s dirty, spirit crushing, back-breaking work, but it provides a temporarysolution and a daily supply of water to the villagers.

12 months goes by and all the sudden, one of the old villagers who’d moved away, comes back into town with a team of engineers and a construction crew.

Over the next 60 days, a stainless steel pipeline is built that provides fresh, clean drinking water, 24 hours a day 7 days a week to the village.

Instantly, the bucket packers are out of business and the lifeline of villagewater is put on auto-pilot.

What if i was to tell you that, through technology, you could set up a never ending stream of prospects and leads that would come to you, day in and day out, pre-sold – ready to buy.

In other words, you could build a pipeline of prosperity…

Leads that pour into your inbox every day. Targeted and interested prospects who were ready, and eager to get started in your business.

That’s what creating and exposing content daily is all about. Every day I do one of 2 things…

a) create a piece of content – sometimes video, sometimes audio, sometimes a blog post – that I can publish online.

b) Get more exposure for content I’ve already created.

i) This can include sharing it with people or improving search engine rankings so more people see it. 3 awesome purposes are served here.

Purpose 1 – If you’re consistent, people will start to find your content online and opt into your lead capture pages. This creates a never ending stream of prospects that you can recruit into your business.

Purpose 2 – When you good content out to the people who are already subscribed to your list, they continue with Six Figure Cheat Sheet

“If you wanna be successful in home business – the formula is – >>> Learn, Do, Teach”

Creating daily content allows us to get new leads, develop rapport with our existing leads and teach all at the same time.

It’s incredible!

“Ok Paul, I get it” (i hear you saying), but what kind of content should I be creating daily?

Ahh… great question young grasshopper. 🙂

Here are some things to consider..

A personal blog of some sort – A personal blog is powerful for a number of reasons.

1) A professional looking blog can give you instant authority and credibility with your prospects. I’ll never forget the reaction of connecting with people on the phone who’d been to my blog…

They were like “Oh my gosh, is this Paul? The guy on the website?”

It was like I was a superstar.

Little did they know I was living in a trailer house at the time. 🙂

Have you ever heard that people don’t join your company, they join you?

It’s true.

Your blog gives your prospects a place to go and learn about you (without you having to be there) so they can begin feeling comfortable about getting started with you in business.

2) The other thing that’s really powerful about a blog is that you own it. It can never be taken away from you.

As you continue to build up content over time – you can see an unbelievable amount of leads pour into your world on a daily basis – and it’s an asset that you own.

Other content platforms like Facebook and Youtube can decide to remove your content whenever they want. So this is another reason to be cultivating blog content daily.

Youtube Videos – When you do make a video for your blog, you wanna upload it to Youtube as well. Youtube videos rank on the search engines extremely well and you can get a lot of random traffic – that has nothing to do with the search engines – just by having videos on YouTube.

So – when you do make videos – I highly recommend uploading those videos to YouTube as well for more traffic and leads.

Facebook – There are 2 types of content that you’ll want to upload to Facebook on a consistent basis. Facebook is like having another massive list of prospects to sponsor & recruit into your business.

Since, you’ll already be making a valuable videos to put on your blog and your YouTube account – why not upload it to Facebook as well?

You’ll wanna upload it directly to Facebook versus sharing your blog and/or youtube link though. Facebook is bias towards content uploaded to their platform and so you’ll get a lot more exposure uploading the video straight into Facebook.

Images – Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed – and skipped every post until you hit an image?

Yeah – me too.

If you’re posting on Facebook for business- for the most part you’ll want to be posting a video or an image if you plan on catching attention. Images are king on Facebook.

You wanna post images that people will find inspiring. Great pictures along with awesome quotes are good. Then, just make sure you add your Web Address to the image.

As long as the image & message is attractive – people will like, comment and share even when you have your web domain on them.

Here’s an example of one of my recent image posts..


Tools I use for making great images.


Camera + for Iphone

Framatic for Iphone


Aviary for Iphone

You don’t have to use all of them – grab one and play around a bit.

I find myself using different ones for different things. Learning how to make your images, quotes & web address look good is worth the investment in time.

For social media – great images are going to pay the biggest return on your investment.

Action Item #2 – Tell Others

I remember hearing a 7 Figure Earner say one time.. “The biggest secret to building this business, is not to keep your business a secret.” Ha ha.. Seems so simple – but it’s true. Here are a few of the ways I like to tell people about my business every day.

1) Email my new content to my subscribers.

Somewhere – inside of or near all the content I create is a call to action to subscribe to my list. When people subscribe to my list – they’re directed to a welcome video which then directs them to the sales presentation for my business.

What’s cool about this – is, …as long as you give great value in your content, people will happily stay tuned. As they continue to watch and read they will also continue seeing the call to action to watch your sales presentation.

It’s beautiful, really. 🙂

2) Active Prospecting

Everything we’ve talked about so far, is what I like to call “Passive Marketing”. You’re getting marketing out there so that people can find you & come into your world.

That’s all awesome & it works incredibly well, over time. It works kinda like a snowball starting to roll from the top of the hill.

Snowball Rolling Down The Hill

So – While the snowball is picking up steam – you might wanna do some active marketing to get some sales & commissions rolling in a bit quicker.

To do this, I use a combination of the phone and/or Facebook chatting.

We have detailed, step by step training on this process inside of our private members area and if you have some interest in learning more, just Click Here to find out more..

There are other ways of ‘Telling People’ but these are the 2 main one’s I do every day. The important thing though, is to make sure you’re not keeping your business a secret – and you’re telling people about it daily.

Action Item #3 – Personal Development Daily

I saved this one for last because I realize every leader talks about it, and I didn’t want you to jump to a conclusion, thinking that this report was just like everything else you’ve seen out there.

Many unsuccessful people think that personal development is just some mumbo jumbo we tell people to keep them pumped up and “In the game’.

The truth is, all the producers and wealthy leaders in this profession – take personal development VERY SERIOUSLY.

… it’s because they’re doing the same activities WITH A SHARPER AXE.

Does that make sense?

So – at a minimum – I recommend you invest 30 minutes daily reading from some great book. 30 minutes daily listening to someone who makes more money that you do.

And – I also recommend 30 minutes of writing or speaking in the form of content creation. This will supercharge your growth and sharpen your skills and give you a razor sharp axe with which to work with.

Once you really get into the habit of doing this every day – my guess is you’ll be so amazed at your results – you’ll increase the amount of time you invest sharpening your axe.

Jim Rohn’s mentor told him…“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.If you work hard on your job, you can make a living, if you work hard onyourself, you can make a fortune.”

Currently, I invest about 60 per day reading.


Because I’m now a believer that my personal development has an exponential return on my business activities. Please take this seriously my friend.

Here are some resources that I use.

1) I’m a part of a private daily mastermind where I meet with 6 and 7 figure home business entrepreneurs live via teleconference.

a) You can learn a little about it at Click Here. It’s private, but if it sounds appealing to you, and you’re serious about your future, then you should check it out.

2) I highly recommend becoming well grounded in the most complete success philosophy on the planet… organized by Dr. Napoleon Hill

a) Think and Grow Rich

b) The Law Of Success

The important thing here is to get into the habit of reading daily & listening to audios daily.

So there you have it my friend.

My daily action plan consists of only 3 steps.

1) Create Content Daily

2) Tell Others

3) Personal Development Every Day

A simple plan that’s helped me to be free and to be able to inspire thousands of others across the globe. Take it seriously and it’ll be a major blessing for you in your life too.

I believe the fact that you’re still reading this action guide means, that you are someone special. If you can read, understand and apply what I’ve shared in this document – then I believe you can win your freedom from home 🙂

If you’re looking for detailed, step by step training on this process inside of our private members area and if you have some interest in learning more, just Click Here to find out more..

Here’s to making it happen.

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