My Lead Gen Secret Review | Does It Really Work?

MyLeadGenSecret provides you with 3,000 fresh make money online and business opportunity seekers leads and a mass emailer, all for the incredibly low price of $30 per month.

Are You Ready For A Secret?

There are 2 components required for your online marketing success. This will depend on how good your skills are in generating leads and converting them.

You may be asking yourself the question of why some people are great with certain programs, while many others have little or no success?

For newbies that don’t have any prior experience of online marketing, they can easily become overwhelmed since they do not know how to generate leads to prospects that maybe interested in what they have to offer.

So it all boils down to just 1 simple thing. You need to build trust with your list in order for them to trust your recommendations.

Generating Traffic Online Is Your Main Challenge

The majority of so called gurus will try to  teach you to focus on paid traffic strategies, like solo ads, pay-per-click, Facebook Ads or Google Ads and other forms of paid traffic. However, many of them ignore the fact that these traffic methods are expensive and have a steep learning curve.

And many of these advertising platforms do not allow you use certain types of advertising, especially when it comes to programs in the “Making Money Online” niche.   In my own personal experience email marketing traffic is still king, out of all traffic methods.

Why is This?

It’s been working great for me.. 

Just yesterday, I sent out an email promo which earned me $184 and $60 monthly in recurring income.

Ya, just by sending 1 simple email.

You might be asking the question “Randy, email marketing is to hard. It is not easy to build up a list of thousands, like the gurus,”

Well, this is where MyLeadGenSecret becomes a game changer…

3 Of The Key Benefits Of My Lead Gen Secret:

  • It provides you with 100 fresh leads every single day. It builds your list for you. (200 if you bring in just one customer and this is very easy to do!)
  • It has a built-in emailing platform, so you don’t even need to have an autoresponder.
  • It even comes with an awesome 5 tier commission affiliate program, which pays out 83% of what the company receives. So you do not even need to search for a product to promote.

If you have your own autoresponder, you can email them at anytime, because you can download the leads which provides you with their first and last name, the date and time they signed up along with their email and IP addresses.

And the program is a measly $30 per month and provides you with 3000 leads each and every month, which you can email them with TheLeadGenSecret built-in email system every 24 hours.

The Cons:

It only allows you to email once per day with the built-in mailing system.

Here’s 5 Of My Exclusive Bonuses:

My exclusive bonuses that you will receive from me when you join through my link.

Bonus #1: The 10K Email Manifesto – How to earn 10K Per Month with Email Marketing

My 1st bonus was created by a professional email marketer who is constantly making over $10k per month, by simply sending out emails. This course will quickly get you up to speed in becoming a professional email marketer.

Bonus #2: 160 Day Email Swipes As A Bonus. These email Swipes are worth $500.

My business partner joined a $4000 coaching program last year and was provided with a set of email swipes which convert very well. If you were to go out and buy these email swipes, they would cost you at least $500! I will include these email swipes for you as a gift.

Bonus #3: How To Write Headlines/Subject Lines That Sell

Your first job is to make your prospects click on your headlines. Once you have thousands of subscribers, then your next job is going to be to send them emails with great headlines. This bonus will show you just how to write killer headlines that convert.

Bonus #4: My Secret Weapon (Real World Value $97)

This bonus will remove the only disadvantage of the program, but it’s too powerful that I won’t disclose what this is.  That’s the watershed between those who succeed in using MLGS vs those who don’t.

It’s totally legit, but at the same time overly powerful.

You will need to join me and specifically request for this secret sauce.

And you will have to agree that you won’t do bad things with it…

I will keep it as that.

Bonus #5: Exclusive FB Group (Priceless)

I saved the best the last. My business partner likes this program so much that he created a private FB group exclusive for our customers.

You won’t be able to join our private FB group, unless you are a paid member.

In the group, we share our daily stats, insights and support each other to help everyone to succeed with this program.

Right now, this group is exclusive to our team members and not available to anyone else.

Who knows, he may close the membership soon, once It hits a certain number. He’s actually thinking of removing this group altogether and sell this separately for $997 per year. I kid you not, he is seriously thinking about it.

We share tips and tricks only to our team now. They say you don’t know what you don’t know.

We support each other like a family. I need to protect my family’s interest, because I honestly don’t want our tips to be shared outside of the family which may erode the value of it, when too many people abuse the use of it.

Just send me a FB message or visit my contact me page after you join my team, along with the email address you signed up with & your FaceBook email (if it’s differant than your signup email) and I will send you a private invitation link to join our group which is dedicated to My Lead Gen Secret to help you prosper & succeed. All of the bonuses are available in our group.

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