ferrariWelcome to my Power Lead System review. One of the things that I want to answer in this review is if the Power Lead System opportunity is a scam or not.

I’m sure you are here because you have heard of or seen the Power Lead System on other websites or blogs. The Power Lead System is an affiliate marketing platform that offers marketing tools that are important if you want to make money through online promotions.

I am going to do this by researching and sharing information about the company, the product, and the compensation plan.

We like to see who owns the company when dealing with any program that you can make money online.

This gives us the opportunity to check out the background and the experience of the owner.

The Company Overview

The company promises to help people get and utilize all the tools they need to run a successful online business. Some of the questions you may have are: So, how does it work? Can you make real money? Is the Power Lead System legit or a scam? Here is an exclusive look at the Power Lead System.

canoesPower Lead System was founded back in 2013 and is owned by Michael Price and Neil Guess. Michael Price has previously won several MLM space awards including the top Fortune 100 Company top sales rep. He was also a trainer in the Tony Robbins Research International.

On the other hand, the CEO and co-founder Neil Guess was successful with MLM company referred to as Solovei before launching PLS. The respectable and reliable background and reputation for both founders are what has contributed to PLS to run strong until today.

Power Lead System Pricing

People who have an interest in joining this company and find out what it has to offer can sign up for different available membership plans. There is a completely free system for life, then they have a seven-day free trial of their products along with PLS membership except for the lead lightning membership, which is a $7 one time fee.

However, when the seven-day trial is over, one has to subscribe for a paid membership to continue using their membership products. It costs $30 per month to be a member and use all of their marketing tools.

You can also make an affiliate membership to sell the PLS tools & training system for $24 per month. If you want to be an affiliate and also use their marketing tools, you will be paying a total of $54 every month.

You don’t have to do both; you can be one or both. You can use all of the tools along with excellent training materials for $30 per month. If you also want to promote this powerful system & earn commissions, then you have to ad an additional $24 per month.

This includes pre-made sales funnels ready to promote or you can create your own sales funnels for any product or services. This also includes an email autoresponder to send up to 30,000 emails monthly and ready to go emails(Valued at over $500).

In comparison, something like ClickFunnels will run you $97 per month without an autoresponder or $297 monthly with an autoresponder included. So, right off the bat, you’ll be saving a lot of money over anything that is comparable to this powerful system.

Lead lightning charges a one time, $7 fee. One is then able to refer others to become lead lightning members and earn $6 in commissions, build a list of targeted lists, contact customers via email and training such as weekly webinars. Other membership plans include silver for $29.97/month, gold for $53.97/month, diamond for $149/onetime, platinum for $497/onetime and master plan for $1497 one-time.

Is Power Lead System Legal or A Scam?

After looking at all the facts about this online platform, it is clear that the Power Lead System is legitimate and not a scam. Similar to other digital marketing tools such as Aweber, and HostGator, PLS is an affiliate marketing program that gives affiliate commissions for selling the platform online.

man-on-a-benchIf you were to consider the years it has been in operation, the company has provided excellent management, great products, robust and fair compensation plans and a long track record since 2013. For the few videos and articles claiming that Power Lead System is a scam, they are just doing so to promote their companies, earn money and downgrade a legitimate company. I have had many years of experience, and PLS is a thumbs up for me.


In conclusion, the Power Lead System is definitely not a scam. The PLS marketing & sales tools sold by this company are very powerful, useful and of very high quality and especially for such a low price.

This system is great for newbies as well as established companies that already own and operate a brick and mortar or an online business. They offer all of the assistance and professional marketing tools you need to be successful. So, Click here <– to get started free for life.