Affiliation, what does that mean? Is it easy to put in place? How much can we expect to win? How to start a business by selling the products of others to earn a commission on the sale.

Affiliate Marketing Startup Photos

In a completely automatic and ethical way. Among a colossal choice of articles of all kinds, and especially without taking stock and without investing.

What is affiliation? Imagine a person (a referent or sponsor) who has an offer, it can be a material object, a service or a training for example. He wants to distribute his offer on the internet. By reaching a large audience adapted to its offer without spending a fortune in advertising budget.

The best way for him to achieve this is the affiliation: find partners (affiliate) ready to invest for him. For example by displaying an advertisement on their blog, their Facebook page and also their website or others sites. In exchange, they will pay them a commission for the sale made.

This is why, it will be made available to people wishing to make additional income, links (Internet address or URL) to its products and training so that they can promote it and find new customers for their business.

How does an affiliate link work? This internet link has the identifier for the affiliation. This allows the referrer to know which person sent him a client. To record sales and pay commissions.

The link can have an immediate life. That is to say, it transmits the identifier when clicking on the link concerned. It may also have some shelf life because it will be stored in a cookie on the prospect or client’s browser.

This allows the commission to be paid to the corresponding person. This is particularly the case for Amazon affiliation. The links have a life of 24 hours. They even earn commissions on other products that the customer could buy on Amazon.

Imagine, you advertise on your blog for a vacuum with an Amazon affiliate link. A customer clicks on your link. He arrives on the Amazon site in front of the article that you proposed to him. He leaves the site and later returns to Amazon to buy a TV, an extension cord and a TV stand.

Thanks to the affiliation, Amazon gives you a commission on the television but also on the extension cord and the TV stand.

In short, all the objects he buys on the site during this period. On the cookie has a 30 day backup. On which distributes trips and hotel reservations. The backup lasts 30 days normally or for life under certain conditions.

Who does the affiliation? Many companies offer an affiliate program(Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.). You can usually find an affiliate link in the footer of sites. There are advertising agencies  that must be registered beforehand. It is always possible to contact a site to ask whether or not they have an affiliate program. 

How to find a program?

 Affiliation is not something new, Amazon for example has proposed it since 1997. This is one of the reasons for its success. It already worked despite the absence of social networks. 

 The technique has fortunately today evolved and facilitates from their work. Which does not mean that it is easy. Use social networks to explode your conversion rate.

 Social networks allow you to propose its product to a targeted market, such as age , man, woman, inhabitant, the north etc … is easy. Before, this was limited to a display of links on their site.

 The most widely used methods are affiliation with Amazon as a good choice, 1TPE and ClickBank for e-books. jvZoo too, which is an American platform where you will find a lot of products.

 On these are just English products that are mostly marketing-based. But it is possible to promote them as an example, a tutorial video on YouTube and putting your affiliate link below.

 The affiliate program of Amazon is very interesting because you have the choice of a phenomenal amount of products with a platform that converts enormously. The ideal way to promote is to design a sales page specifically for your product or a niche site to promote your affiliate links.

 If you want to find a program in the area that interests you. Just type: “Affiliate Company Name or Product” on Google and you will undoubtedly find a product that suits you.

 Do not hesitate to compare the commissions, the presentation of the site or to test the products. You can also promote your own products on Amazon by joining there Partner program.

 How much can we earn?

 The commissions generated do not affect the selling price of the product. The price of the product will be the same for the customer whether or not it is purchased through an affiliate link. It is sometimes even better to go through this link. Indeed sometimes you could have an extra bonus, a longer trial period in some cases or a guide.

 Affiliation may be a good addition to income and earn additional money. It is even possible to live on it if you use the right techniques for promotion.

 On for example, you can sell e-books and earn commissions of about 50% with resale rights it is possible to do even more. Also, by selling your own  products the commissions are 100%. There is no perfect model, it all depends on the affiliate platform used and the items sold.

 How do we promote?

 Putting links everywhere without any strategy, does not work. Spamming forums, YouTube channels or other platforms, does not work either.

 Solution: It’s not the amount of people who click on an affiliate link that makes the turnover, but its quality. To use an affiliation with a golf blog, promoting a vacuum cleaner is silly if you’re not promoting the type of products that fit in with your niche. It is important for your business and your image to have a correlation between the content of your blog and the things you propose to your visitors.

 You can do a market research to determine the programs, products or services you would like to promote. Do some research so you do not select the first product that shows up and put all your energy into it for nothing.

 There is no point in making your site a Christmas tree with ads or popups flashing everywhere for affiliation. Many people now use an anti-ad block ad block to block advertising. Some internet providers also block advertising for free.

 Use the different media available to promote your affiliate links. On YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, your blog or your site etc … Or you can send an advertising campaign by email if you have a list of subscribers.

 Should you promote with or without a blog? The best way to do this properly is to train yourself by reading books on the subject and buy training on topics that are harder to understand or implement, so you do not have to waste months looking for ways to do it.

 A welder does not become a welder without training, the same goes for all trades. Only 5% of sales come by referrals which isn’t enough to live on. To do things right, it takes time.

 Some blog affiliate tips: Take this example: You have an advertisement with an affiliate link. A visitor clicks on your call-to-action button and buys the product. He becomes the client of your referent.

 It’s not you who sell it (unless it’s yours). However if the product is of poor quality, it is the image of your blog that will suffer. It was you who recommended the product.

 So you have to offer affiliate products that you have tested and you really believe in. If you think some type of exercise belt will give concrete abs by putting it on for 15 days. Then test it out yourself for 15 days.

 Give your own experience about the product. Avoid miraculous products. If you tested it out personally, then you will be able to convey to prospects why this product has been beneficial for you.

 In terms of traffic, it is necessary to bring the right people to the right products (targeted advertising campaigns). You must not aim for a market that is too broad.

 But rather target the people likely to become a customer for the products in affiliation that you propose, quality before quantity, it is important and this also helps to reduce your spending.

 Diversify your links and don’t depend on only one advertising platform. Indeed, if tomorrow Facebook decides to block your account and all your business is based on Facebook. You lose your source of income and you will have to start all over again.

 It is therefore better to diversify the methods of affiliation from the beginning of your activities. Or at least know how to bounce back in case of a problem., otherwise it may take time to recover.

 Create an e-mail address list to communicate with your visitors and offer your own products and or services so you can be independent of others.

 Affiliation marketing: the advertising campaign An ad campaign can run in many ways. This may be an internet page or a video presenting the item on YouTube.  This is a bit of a trend and it builds a sense of trust with the audience favoring the act of purchase. Or even Facebook publications. From Facebook, Instagram or e-mailing if you already have an audience. This can be a classic sales page that presents the product in affiliation with a price. Or what is called a sales funnel or tunnel.

 It is a sequence of pages that accompanies the customer in his act of purchase. It is also possible to advertise on social networks to your personal website or your e-commerce store. To attract traffic for this one.

 And also prospects for your articles. Or use your contact list to present your products through e-mail campaigns.

 Affiliate is good, selling your own products is better! Affiliates earn a commission on the sales they make. The big advantage is that you can earn these commissions on items you do not have to create. You just have to promote (no development time, no money invested in research and money spent on creation).

 Now imagine that you own the product. You can then pocket 100% of the sale, and even why not, create your own affiliate program. And allow people to sell your item for a commission.

 This is possible by publishing an e-book at Amazon or for example. This is a great way to earn income provided you have the right content. It is also  possible to buy copyright. To have the work of a third party, or to buy licenses in order to resell software and earn more than with affiliation.

 This is called resale rights or PLR. You buy the right to resell X times software or eBooks and cash in on 100% of the sale with the price of your choice. Example 10 licenses for $150 of video editing software that you will resell $50. That will earn you (10 x $50) – $150 = $350. It is a very profitable activity.

 In conclusion: Affiliate marketing can be a good source of income provided you make efforts to develop your business and not give up. It is not something to complicate, provided you respect certain fundamental principles.

 You might get discouraged, or lose money in poorly optimized advertising. Count on it to take at least 6 months to one year before obtaining satisfactory results in affiliate marketing if everything is done properly.

 Do not forget to train yourself before heading headlong into the market. It is important to choose what efforts you will need to put in and to move forward. It’s a shame to have spent a lot of time creating articles, promoting etc …

 Put everything in place to not have a good result in the end. Do not invent the wheel, it already exists! Affiliation brings an additional service to your visitors and shows your commitment to bring them value.

 Necessary time: It takes a lot of time initially. The creation of the business, the time to be known and branded. Subsequently it pays more than the time spent on it in the long run. Provided that it is done well. It is less obvious that it looks. There is always a way to find an article adapted to your topic for affiliation or your e-commerce shop. So, do some research on Google and get started!

 This is not the only way to generate cash on the internet, but it can be an effective way to start your business on the web in a profitable way and can be done in parallel with your activities. I advise you to read up on this subject.

 Training: If you want to start marketing on the right foot, you need to know the basics and acquire some proper training so you don’t get to discouraged.